Soybean cake

Soybean cake

crude protein 41,5 %
oil 7 %
fibre 5.5 %
ash 5,5 %
moisture 12 %

Digestability of protein from Agrolek soybean cake is almost 90%.

Agrolek soybean cake is natural source of vitamine E – reduced level of suplementation.

Agrolek soybean cake has high oil content – so greasing of feed is not necesary.

Agrolek soybean cake has pleasant taste – animals are eating more, and growth is faster.

Because of granular structure, intake in bins is easier.

Agrolek soybean is feed rich with proteins, and with moderate level of energy.

Soybean cake

It is used for all kinds of animals, especially in fase of growth.

With introducing of soybean cake in animal feed, you can have up to 10% better results (growth, number and mass of eggs, milk quantity, and better reproductive rate) comparing to feed with soybean meal. At the same time, conversion ratio is better (less feed for every kg of output).

All those facts points to economic justification of introducing soybean cake in animal feed.

Soybean cake Agrolek is sold in bulk, 40kg bags or bigbags.

Soybean cake